Yeast is a natural and vegetarian multifunctional ingredient that can be used in your wet or dry meat applications for:

  • Umami, savory, beefy, grilled, or roasted notes
  • Longer lasting flavors, while helping with sodium reduction
  • Increased emulsification in pâtés
  • Naturally filling or extending your sausage applications
  • Additional natural sources of protein, fibers, minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin D and Vitamin B12

Ask us to guide you to the best yeast ingredient to use to achieve your savory flavor base, taste intensity, and particular flavor notes in your meat applications.

Beef Jerky enhanced with yeast

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This brand of natural yeast extracts and autolysates products can be used for:

  • Taste : Beefy, broth, caramelized, grilled, meaty, roasted, seasoning, umami
  • Nutrition : Sodium reduction, fat reduction, gluten-free and organic declarations
  • Texture : Brining, filler/extender, water binding


This premium healthy ingredient contains 100% nutritional whole cell yeast. It is a natural source of vitamins with texturizing capacity. It can be used for:

  • Nutrition : Fat reduction, gluten-free and organic declarations
  • Adding proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals
  • Texture : Emulsification, filler/extender, water binding capacity
Lake State

This natural yeast ingredient contains 100% specially grown primary torula yeast that has a unique flavor profile and binding capacity that can be used for:

  • Taste : Meaty, seasoning
  • Nutrition : Fat reduction
  • Texture: Emulsification, filler/extender, water binding

This inactive whole cell yeast is a great vegetarian ingredient that can be used for:

  • Taste : Meaty, roasted
  • Nutrition : Fat reduction
  • Texture : Emulsification, filler/extender