Organic Yeast

Our Bio-Lyfe™ and Bio-Engevita® yeasts complement one another to help you create savory and health food products with the taste and texture you require.



  • Umami notes
  • Help bring out savory notes in soups, sauces & snacks
  • Allows for longer lasting flavors in your seasonings and snacks applications
  • Helps with sodium reduction
  • Help bring out meaty notes in vegetarian or vegan meat analogues


Bio-Lyfe™: Organic yeast extracts with natural 5’ nucleotides that help to bring out taste in savor y applications. Strong savory flavor donator. Available as low salt and as 40% salt.



  • Its content can contribute positively to the nutritional profile of your product including nutrients, high proteins and bioavailable B-vitamins and minerals.
  • Yeast protein contains all essential amino acids and has a high proportion of leucine – essential for the stimulation of the muscle protein synthesis.
  • Contains significant amount of beta-glucans that can improve food rheological properties, gelling, water and oil-holding properties, without impacting its taste or odor
  • Ideal ingredient to fortify food products or for dietary supplements and direct consumption


Bio-Engevita®: Organic premium nutritional whole cell yeast, natural source of proteins, vitamins and minerals for food and supplements.


Lallemand’s organic ingredients are:

  • Clean Label
  • Non-GMO substrates and products
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher
  • Vegan


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